I was incarcerated in Theresienstadt for 18 months, from April 1943 to October 1944. Seeing the show I felt as if I was transplanted back to a way of life that happened 67 years ago. The show is authentic down to the last little detail.

The Uniforms, the Clothes of the Actors, the Suitcases everything was authentic. Signs of Life was very well researched and brought to life as if it happened today. -Gisela Adamski

What about the content and the veracity of the play? I now quote a well known rabbi whom I once asked for comments about talking about the holocaust. Here are his words: "Perhaps the best way to remember those who died is only to speak words. It is only words that can express what we think and what we feel. Words of memory and words of hope."

The play "Signs of Life" may not have all the facts right, but the seriousness of the excellent acting, the depiction of the cruelty and fear and hope are well expressed. -John Freund

It was certainly moving and the audience was very receptive. -Edgar Krasa

My friend and I {we are both Holocaust survivors} saw the play "Signs of Life." The play exceeded all our expectations. The lyrics are great, intelligent, sensitive and to the point. The music is beautiful; the melodies capture and enhance the lyrics. The actors are very talented and have great voices. I really can't say enough complimentary things about the play. It belongs on Broadway, and most certainly in our Museum. Sincerely, -Rina Nudel

The cast of "Signs of Life" is wonderful. We think that it would be very appropriate to have it performed in a place where so much of the history of the Holocaust is taught. -Ruth & Jack Gruener

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the play. It was great. My guest was a young woman (a doctor of physical therapy) and she was very impressed. -Eva Melamed