Based on the true story of the Czech ghetto, Terezin, Signs of Life tells one of the most fascinating and least known stories of World War II. Originally a military town, Hitler transformed it into a so-called "Model City for the Jews" - a propaganda scheme created to fool an unsuspecting world. Many of its inhabitants were among the intellectual and artistic elite of Europe. In an attempt to deceive the International Red Cross and sway public opinion, the Nazis forced them to "beautify" the ghetto. Signs of Life portrays their struggles as they grapple with the question:"When survival depends on hiding the truth, how does the truth survive"? With its population of extraordinary characters, book writer Peter Ullian has created a world of tragic heroes, composer Joel Derfner has written a score that is passionate and thrilling, and Len Schiff's lyrics are perfect evocations of story and era. Signs of Life is a deeply moving tale of love, remembrance and the power of art.